Senescent Cell Clearing Antibody

Press Releases
SIWA Therapeutics Demonstrates Senescent Cell Clearing Antibody Inhibits Tumor Metastasis Chicago IL -- SIWA Therapeutics today reports results of its recent in vivo preclinical study which showed that its monoclonal antibody for removing senescent cells, SIWA 318, significantly inhibited tumor metastasis. Importantly, there were no observable adverse effects from the treatment and no increase in tumor growth over the control group. “These results suggest that the removal of senescent cells may become a therapeutic approach against metastatic cancers,” said Lewis Gruber, co-founder and chief executive officer of SIWA Therapeutics. “Based on data we and the rest of the scientific community have generated over the last several years, the evidence is clearly mounting that senescent cells are causally implicated in the manifestation and progression of many diseases including cancer metastasis.” The study…
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