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Therapies capable of clearing senescent cells represent a new and innovative approach in the treatment of cancer metastasis, neuro-degenerative, auto-immune, and infectious diseases.

– Lewis S. Gruber, CEO

SIWA Therapeutics, Inc. (“SIWA”) is a pre-clinical stage company with:

  • A first-in-class humanized monoclonal antibody (“mAb”), SIWA 318H, that binds to human senescent cells (“SCs”);
  • Results showing SIWA 318M (a mouse homolog of SIWA 318H) in vitro binding to human SCs from various tissues;
  • An ability to remove SCs in vivo (mouse disease models) and;
  • A significant worldwide patent portfolio.

SIWA was founded in 2006 to develop biological therapies, including our proprietary humanized monoclonal antibody, SIWA 318H, for slowing or reversing the aging process through the removal of Senescent cells. (SC’s)

SCs are causally implicated in age-related dysfunction and in degenerative disease. They act primarily by secreting substances which interfere with normal functions of other cells; thus, removing them has been shown to improve healthspan and lifespan. We have demonstrated that SIWA 318M targets and reduces SCs in mice and thus is designed to positively impact healthspan as well as lifespan.

We believe that our ability to remove SCs also can enhance existing cancer therapies (e.g., ameliorating damage caused by chemo- or radiation therapies or by removing SCs from stem cells harvested for cancer therapy or from OA therapy-related bone marrow and stem cell transplants or removing senescent (i.e. dysfunctional) blood cells from transfusions). Given the numerous diseases involving SCs coupled with our ability to adjust formulation and routes of administration, SIWA has a potential pipeline of future products to pursue as funding and partnering permit.