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Therapies capable of attacking cells with our SIWA-identified marker represent an innovative approach in the treatment of cancer metastasis, neuro-degenerative, auto-immune, and infectious diseases.


– Lewis S. Gruber, CEO

SIWA Therapeutics, Inc. (“SIWA”) is a pre-clinical stage company with:

  • A first-in-class humanized monoclonal antibody (“mAb”), SIWA 318H, that binds to human senescent cells (“SCs”);
  • Results showing SIWA 318H in vitro binding to, e.g. from human pancreatic cancer and glioma cells as well human SCs from various tissues, including osteoarthritic cells;
  • Results showing SIWA 318M (mouse homolog of SIWA 318H) in vivo removes SCs in very old mice and reduced cancer metastasis lung foci (triple negative breast cancer model) ;
  • A significant worldwide patent portfolio.

SIWA is a pre-clinical stage company with in vivo results showing that treatment with SIWA 318M, a mouse homolog of SIWA 318H, statistically significantly:  (1) inhibited cancer metastasis without increasing primary tumor growth in a 4T1 triple negative breast cancer model; and (2) consistent with the evidence that removal of SCs is a normal part of the regeneration process, we have (a) restored muscle mass in normally aged mice back to a level comparable to young mouse controls; and (b) reduced SCs by two-thirds from the level of normally old mice (commercially available very old mice down to the  level of young mouse controls). SCs are causally implicated in age-related dysfunction and in degenerative diseases including cancer. They act primarily by secreting substances which interfere with normal functions of other cells; thus, removing them has been shown to improve healthspan and lifespan.

As we continued our research, we found that our SIWA-identified advanced glycation end product (“AGE”) target antigen is common to both senescent cells (“SCs”) and cancer cells.  SCs and cancer cells have in common (a) an abnormally high level of glycolysis and (b) production of our marker which is produced by glycolysis.  Our mAb can thereby target both SCs and cancer cells for destruction .